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PT. Goldena Agro Indonesia

About The Company

PT. GOLDENA AGRO INDONESIA (PT. GAI) is an Agribusiness company that has the best products produced from various regions in Indonesia to ensure continuity of production of the highest quality. Synergize and innovate to be able to report based and spice based folk farming. PT. GAI is engaged in coconut plantations, coffee plantations, and spices.

With its head office in Jakarta and as an Agribusiness company, PT. GAI is supported by a solid and experienced management team for its day-to-day operations. PT. GAI is ready to meet the demand for high quality coconut, coffee and spices products, and is open to welcoming partners who wish to be part of a growing company.


GOLDENA AGRO INDONESIA believes that certification is an important aspect of our sustainability journey. As a business actor, certification also provides useful information about our performance and things that we must continue to improve regarding our performance in increasing efficiency and productivity in a sustainable manner.


GOLDENA AGRO INDONESIA provides an opportunity for corporate customers and consumers to make the right choice. We continue to improve the way we do business and instill sustainable practices in our efforts to be the first choice in consumer products by providing quality products.

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