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GOLDENA AGRO INDONESIA provides an opportunity for corporate customers and consumers to make the right choice. We continue to improve the way we do business and instill sustainable practices in our efforts to be the first choice in consumer products by providing quality products.


Do you still remember why coconuts are a symbol of Praja Muda kirana or Pramuka? That’s because this one fruit has so many features that nothing will remain. The following are the coconut product derivatives that we provide.

• Coconut
• Charcoal briquettes
• Copra
• Coconut flour
• Coconut oil
• Broom stick


Indonesia is one of the best coffee producing countries, even the annual production which reaches 600 thousand tons is able to supply seven percent of the world’s coffee needs. According to data from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan RI), Indonesia is the largest coffee producer in the world, after Brazil and Colombia. Here are the most favorite coffees we can provide for you.

• Java Praeger
• Orange Coffee
• Gayo Coffee
• Toraja Coffee
• Mandailing coffee


As a tropical country, Indonesia is blessed with fertile soil that is covered withBvarious kinds of plants with a million benefits, one of which is spices. Spices are the aromatic and strong flavor of the plant. The types of spices that Indonesia has are quite diverse. Here are the spices that we can provide for you.

• Turmeric dry and powder
• Vanilla
• Nutmeg
• Clove
• Ginger
• Betel Nuts
• Peppers

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